4 boxes and pyramids / November 25 - December 23 / Yuu Takamizawa, Yohei Watanabe / 4649, Tokyo 4649 is pleased to have this third show as the joint exhibition of Yuu Takamizawa and Yohei Watanabe here Sugamo. This is the last one of the series of the exhibition curated by each three directors of 4649 since we open this new gallery space. One of the co-directors of 4649, Takamizawa was born in 1990. He has been having some shows in Japan includes the solo exhibition at Workstation (Tokyo) in 2017, the joint exhibition at KAYOKOYUKI (Tokyo) in 2018 and now is having the exhibit from the booth of 4649 at the 16th edition of fair NADA Miami 2018. Same as the former,Watanabe is a 1990 born artist and been having the career includes the solo exhibition at Komagome SOKO (Tokyo) in 2018. Also his new solo exhibition at HAGIWARA PROJECTS (Tokyo) will be announced in 2019. At this joint exhibition,4 pieces of paintings by Takamizawa and 4 pieces of photographs by Watanabe are placed as pair up to make the installation. These are symbolized 4 directions that partition off a real room as like “Front, rear, left and right”. These paintings of Takamizawa are coming from his idea about the question for that how paintings exist while their images can’t be seen in the situations such as while they are placed in storage or back side out or in the gallery where the lights turned off. In other words, on the assumption that the images of paintings are seen with the property relating to time, he worked with his experiment to remove that from paintings and also with his thought about the circumstances around paintings as the merchandise distributed into the art fair. Watanabe’s works on these photographs that some part of human body are in, are based on his doubt about the perspective of paintings developed in Europe. He wants to flip the depth of the pictures out to the viewer. These works represent the fictitious observation point and also the imaginary physicality that he expects that are distinct from the ordinary coordinates as like “Front, rear, left and right”. Also these give us scope of the perspective of somewhere in the universe may exist not in accord with normal physical laws like here.
Yuu Takamizawa - 絵画、輸送用木箱、YUT010 “No 10, black rectangular painting lies in the wooden box” 182x60x45 (cm)
Yuu Takamizawa - 絵画、輸送用木箱、YUT005 “No. 5, black square painting, scroll” 182x60x30.2 (cm)
Yuu Takamizawa - 絵画、輸送用木箱、YUT006 “No 6, black rectangular painting stand in the wooden box” 182x60x45 (cm)
Yuu Takamizawa - 絵画、輸送用木箱、YUT007, 008, 009 “No 7, 8, 9, black square small paintings in wooden box” 60x45x57 (cm)
永遠に交わらない悲しみ 2018 Variable
Yohei Watanabe - Perspective #2 (foot) 2018 60×50 (cm)
Yohei Watanabe - Perspective #3 (hand) 2018 58×50 (cm)
Yohei Watanabe - Perspective #1 (foot) 2018 59×55 (cm) Yohei Watanabe - Perspective #4 (hand) 2018 60×56 (cm)