Gemütlich Loch, Tschüss / Aug 31, 2018-Sep 1, 2018 / Ernst Yohji Jäeger, Shogo Shimizu, Sophia Mairer, Yasuaki Hamada, Yuhei Kobayashi, Yuu Takamizawa / Justice, Vienna                                                                                                                                                                 (Tzvetbik)

"April March" 2018 1380×1300mm

"Breakfast in bed" 2018 210×297mm

"Untitled" 2018 800×700mm

"Untitled" 2018 240×290mm

"Untitled" 2018 270×210mm

"Untitled" 2018 300×210mm

"Thawing (Two Snowmen / Genuine Coin Necklace/ Time Ruler Measuring 0-1)" 2018 247×365×96mm

"Havoc (Spontaneous Human Combustion)" 2018 455×380mm

"The Manual for Life" 2017 455×380mm

"A Nightmare of Drain Life" 2018 400×310mm

"Untitled (Sorry for interrupting you) I" 2018 Dimensions variable

"Untitled" 2018 820×390x325mm

"A person in this picture is my friend "Yuji"." 2018 55×88×24 mm

"My studio is located in Ougi-ohashi, Adachi Ward, Tokyo." 2018 55×88×24 mm

"The brand of this cigarette is "Seven Stars". I like to smoke this." 2018 55×88×24 mm

"Leamentaion4" "Leamentaion1" "Leamentaion3" (from left) 2018 Dimensions variable

"Leamentaion2" 2018 Dimensions variable